Mahiar Max Hamedi

Max Hamedi earned his undergraduate in applied physics at Chalmers University of Technology. He later joined the group of Prof. Olle Inganäs at Linköping University, where he completed his P.h.D in the area of biomolecular and organic electronics. In 2013, Hamedi worked as a Postdoc at KTH, under the supervision of Prof. Lars Wågberg, and with collaboration with the Wallenberg Wood Science Center with functional materials from wood.  In 2013-2016 he worked as a postdoc with Prof. Goerge M. Whitesides at Harvard University with new paper-based devices, e-textiles, and optical metamaterials. His research has been highlighted by many news organizations including BBC, Science, Nature, CNN, and MIT tech. review, and Wired.

He is also an entrepreneur, and the co-founder of Simplygon (world de-facto standard for interactive 3D graphics, acquired by Microsoft), and the co-founder and chairman of </SALT>, (a school that creates jobs for people in the next generation software industry).
He is the managing director of a private investment fund that aims at solving important societal problems through science, technology, and education.

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